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KSP Capital Asset Management LLC announces the launch of individual investment accounts

KSP Capital asset management LLC announces the launch of individual investment accounts (IIA).

IIA is a retail product, enabling the customer to receive additional investment tax deduction in addition to income from investing in financial instruments. For individuals who wish to open an Individual investment account, KSP Capital Asset Management LLC offers to join the Contract of trust management of securities and management of individual investment accounts.

KSP Capital asset management LLC:
The license for securities management activities  No. 177-11074-001000 issued by FFMS of Russia 06.03.2008
Information on the activities of the KSP Capital asset management LLC
posted on the Internet: Also any required information can be obtained
by phone (495) 649 88 37 or at the address: 119435, Moscow, B. Savvinskiy per, 12, bldg16.
Past investment performance is no guarantee of the same
results in the future, the state does not guarantee profitability
and safety of investments carried out under a trust management agreement.
Before you open an individual investment account, you should carefully
read the trust management agreement.